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The Takshashila Institution, India

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Takshashila is a non-partisan, non-profit organisation and an independent centre for research and education in public policy. With a mission to strengthen the Indian Republic, it advocates the values of freedom, openness, tolerance, pluralism and responsible citizenship. Takshashila seeks to transform India through better public policies, bridging the governance gap by developing better public servants, civil society leaders, professionals and informed citizens. It produces independent policy research in a number of areas of governance, grooms civic leaders through its online education programmes, and engages in public discourse through its publications and digital media. It creates change by connecting good people to good ideas and good networks.

Mazumdar Shaw Philanthropy’s support played a key role in furthering Takshashila’s mission during the COVID-19 pandemic. In April 2020, research pivoted towards COVID-19 pandemic management, vaccine deployment and economic revival. Over the next 12 months, Takshashila published 15 policy advisories and research documents, and over a hundred opinion pieces and podcasts on related topics. Takshashila was also the first think tank to present a coherent vaccine deployment strategy, in September 2020. In light of the increased focus on public health and biotechnology, Takshashila’s policy school introduced a Graduate Certificate in Public Policy (Health and Life Sciences), India’s only such course. MSP’s support has been crucial in Takshashila’s goal of generating, teaching, and disseminating policy ideas in the domains of geopolitics, technology and economics.

With MSP support, Takshashila has engaged in policy research and education to promote India’s foundational constitutional values. Hundreds of young professionals, civilian and defence officers, and social sector leaders get access to advanced concepts and techniques at our graduate programmes, and no deserving person is denied an education at Takshashila for the lack of means.

Nitin Pai, Co-founder and Director, Takshashila

Published in 2023 by Takshashila staff
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