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Museum of Art & Photography, India

First Founding Patron

The Museum of Art & Photography (MAP), which opened its doors to the public in February 2023, is redefining the modern Indian museum going experience. To be relevant and exciting to audiences — new, young and unfamiliar with the arts — MAP has adopted a fresh curatorial approach that redraws the lines between art forms, styles, eras and conventional classifications. Through design of its physical spaces, innovative programming, novel digital content, and tech-enabled conservation, MAP aims to be a melting pot of artistic expression and cultural exchange. Strongly focused on scholarship and research, MAP is also an incredible resource for arts education and research. The MAP Academy team has recently embarked on an ambitious project to build the first ever encyclopaedia of Indian art.

Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw became MAP’s first founding patron at a time when the museum was just an idea. Her faith in the vision and the team enabled MAP to become a reality. Kiran is on the Board of Directors and the MAP Auditorium is named after her philanthropy.

I believe we need MAP now because South Asian cultures represent the cultures of nearly a quarter of the world’s population and yet their stories have not been told. I hope that through the building, the collections, and our online content, we can open up a dialogue with the world in this time when new narratives are being shaped.

Abhishek Poddar, Founder, MAP
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Indian art, textiles, photography, craft, and design objects, from 10th century to the present

Of ‘Museums Without Borders’, a unique digital collaboration juxtaposing a MAP artwork with one from a partner museum, to explore commonalities and differences in style, subject or narrative

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Images courtesy: Museum of Art & Photography, India