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Bangalore Literature Festival, India

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The Bangalore Literature Festival celebrates the creative spirit of the city, bringing it in conversation with the best minds in the world of literature, within and outside India. Among India’s top literary conclaves, this festival is the city’s flagship annual literary experience focused on rekindling the romance with literature and fostering fine reading and writing, especially among the youth.

Mazumdar Shaw Philanthropy supports the festival through an annual gift for the creation and execution of the event each year.

We have evolved into a festival ‘Where India Comes to Celebrate Fine Writing’. We will continue to add new and exciting programming each year, deepening and widening our reach as India’s largest independent, citizen funded literary conclave.

Shinie Antony, Founder and Festival Director, Bangalore Literature Festival

Since 2012
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1,750+ authors/speakers, over 11 years

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Images courtesy: Bangalore Literature Festival