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University of Glasgow, Scotland

ARC (Mazumdar Shaw Advanced Research Centre)
The Mazumdar Shaw Chair of Molecular Pathology

ARC is an ambitious and exciting experiment in collapsing institutional silos and structures, to build a highly collaborative environment for transformative research. This first-of-its-kind centre co-locates researchers across disciplines and sectors, to spark new thinking and novel approaches to the way research and scholarship is designed, conducted and shared. The centre’s multi-use, fear-free spaces bridge the boundaries between research, cross-subject collaboration and true societal impact. ARC also enables inclusive public and community engagement with research, to cultivate equitable partnerships.

Mazumdar Shaw Philanthropy’s gift, the largest the university has ever received, was used to fund the building of ARC and to create the Mazumdar Shaw Chair of Molecular Pathology.

A unique and inspiring building, ARC has enabled creative talent to come together in a bold, new approach to research, with world changing potential. We were privileged to find in John and Kiran, donors who not only shared that vision, but brought to it real knowledge and understanding. From new treatments for Alzheimer’s disease, to emerging water and sanitation technologies, we are already seeing how their philanthropic investment will change lives.

Professor Andrew Tobin, Director, ARC


From around the world, working collaboratively in one space

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MSP’s gift towards building ARC

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