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Chanakya University, India

School of Biosciences

The School of Biosciences at Chanakya University is committed to pioneering new advancements in biosciences and carving a promising path for future scientific exploration. This Centre of Excellence catalyzes impactful research and innovation, fostering excellence in both basic and applied sciences. Under the leadership and guidance of globally acclaimed scientists, the School of Biosciences provides cutting-edge research in interdisciplinary sciences with core expertise in Computational Biology, Genomics, Disease biology and Bioengineering.

Chanakya University, established in 2022, is a private educational institution, which is known for its multidisciplinary and research-focused approach to higher education. It emphasizes a liberal education model, allowing students the freedom to design their degree based on their academic interests.

The School of Biosciences signifies a milestone in our journey towards academic excellence and research innovation. We extend our gratitude to Dr. Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw for her invaluable contribution to advancing science and education in India.

Professor H S Ashok, Hon. Vice Chancellor (I/c), Chanakya University

Core Expertise