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Founded in 2016, Carnegie India is part of a robust global network that includes over 150 scholars in Asia, Europe, Middle East and USA. The centre focuses primarily on three interrelated Programmes: Technology and Society, Political Economy, and Security Studies. Led by Indian experts with decades of international and domestic policy experience, Carnegie India engages with governments, policymakers, academics, students, industries, practitioners, and civil society to provide insightful and fresh analysis on India’s pressing challenges and the rising role of India in the world.

Over the last 7 years, with Mazumdar Shaw Philanthropy’s support, Carnegie India has produced independent and informative analysis. Additionally, Carnegie India convenes stakeholders, including representatives from government, industry, academia and civil society, to discuss and debate key public policy issues, in both public and closed-door settings. Carnegie India has also created platforms such as Global Technology Summit, Security Dialogue, Anahita Speaker Series, KnowledgeTransfer@CI, and the Interpreting India Podcast.

Kiran’s support of Carnegie India since its inception in 2016 has been crucial to building the institution, its Technology and Society Programme in particular. As a member of our advisory council, she has been generous with her time and advice, which has helped us immensely.

Rudra Chaudhuri, Director, Carnegie India

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