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The Sanket Trust (Ranga Shankara), India

Endowment Fund

Ranga Shankara opened its doors in October 2004, and has since become a landmark in the history of Indian theatre – a definitive space for contemporary, quality theatre in the city. Its rent is the lowest in the world today, keeping the theatre active every day of the week (except Mondays), and enabling several amateur theatre groups to perform. This unwavering commitment to access has produced a generation of artists who are able to create and stage their work. Ranga Shankara’s rich ecosystem of theatre is reflected in its programming: 70% of performances are in Kannada, the remaining in Hindi, English and various other languages.

Since 2008, MSP’s support has enabled Ranga Shankara to carry out its activities and realise its vision to enrich the theatre ecosystem in India and help create world class productions, as well as networks for co-cultural relations across the world.

Ranga Shankara has consistently served as a space for human connection. During the pandemic, especially after the first and second waves, RS Connect emerged, actively building an ecosystem and repurposing the theatre space to enable human connection. The diverse children’s programs and the attention Ranga Shankara gives to child development, along with various celebrations, exemplify its multifaceted nature. Ranga Shankara is truly a syncretic space—an arena for storytelling, music, theatre, work, communion, and food. This aesthetic syncretism imbues the city with an essential component that vitalises and nourishes the human spirit through its aesthetic form.

Shekhar Seshadri, Psychiatrist and Professor, Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, NIMHANS, Bangalore
In 47 different languages (as of 2022)
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